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Prospective Students

We, at the DARUBY School, encourage prospective students to visit our training facility and observe classes while the classes are in session.  We also invite prospective students to compare our programs,  the quality of our training programs, and the atmosphere we provide in order for them to compare us with other schools they may have under consideration.


Admission Requirements


To be eligible for admission to full-time programs, except for the CNA program, an applicant must have graduated from an accredited or private high school or have earned a certification of equivalency (GED).  A copy of the accepted student's high school transcript or GED certificate must be filed with the school.  Applicants for the CNA program may be eligible if they score 8th grade in reading and 7th grade in math even though they may not have a high school diploma or GED.


The high school transcript or equivalency certificate is not required for students who have earned at least an associate degree and whose official college transcript indicates high school graduation.

Enrollment Procedures

Applicants must make an appointment for a personal interview with a staff member of the DARUBY school and tour the school.  TABE qualification tests are given by the referring agency.  An applicant, when accepted by the DARUBY School, is then referred to the appropriate agency and the agency will determine if the student qualifies for training funds from the agency.  Qualities considered in assessing an applicant of enrollment are interest and aptitude for the program subjects, motivation, personal qualifications necessary for successful completion of the chosen courses of study, and the favorable employment potential of the applicant following graduation. 


No fee is required for initial application testing and interview screening. Applicants accepted for admission are notified and a mutually acceptable start date is established.

Curriculum Program Objectives    


1. Development of higher-level computer occupational skills that will help to assure long term employment.

2. Proficiency in spelling, reading comprehension, grammar usage, telephone techniques, and communication skills in general.

3.   An ability to think, react, question, and perform effectively.

4.  Increased self-confidence as program competencies is mastered.

5.  Development of work ethics exhibited through daily attendance, punctuality, and personal productivity.

6.  The opportunity to interact with successful business people who can serve as role models.

7.  A desire for further education and a curiosity about the world of business.

8.  Professionalism in attitude, appearance, and work habits.




The DARUBY School reserves the right to establish and change rules governing admission, tuition, or other policies affecting its students when the administration considers such to be necessary or advisable, provided that such changes meet regulations required by the school's various approval or accrediting agencies and reasonable and/or required notification has been made.

The DARUBY School reserves the right to change the tuition rates once for each fiscal year.  Such changes will be announced in the school's catalog or addendum.  However, rates in effect at the time of student's enrollment will be maintained throughout training.  Contract terms, including specified time notification of rate increases, governing tuition rates in effect with agencies sponsoring students for training will be fully honored.


Students who are unable, for whatever cause, to meet the school's expected level of progress by the end of the first  month of training, in spite of diagnostic evaluation and corrective measures, and if re-mediation efforts fail to produce significant improvement by the end of  this  period, withdrawal or dismissal, depending on circumstances, may be recommended.  On a case by case, students may be able to repeat a course at no additional cost.


Cancellation:  An applicant wishing to cancel the reservation to enter a course of instruction must notify the school in writing, by telephone, or in person.  Refer to the   REFUND POLICY-REGISTRATION FEE on page 10.


Withdrawal:  Student who finds it necessary to withdraw from a course should confer with the School Director prior to discontinuing class attendance.  Students entitled to a refund due to a change in program or withdrawal from a program, based on the final date of recorded class attendance, will receive any refund due in accordance with the school's REFUND POLICY-TUITION.

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