The DARUBY School’s mission is to provide excellent skills training programs which will help participants develop marketable skills, enabling them to become employed self-sufficient citizens.

Ruby Harriman
Founder and Principal

Ruby Harriman Christian is the Founder and President of The DARUBY School. She has a Bachelor and Masters of Science Degrees in Business from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois. We are successful in our training because we give our students “The Gift of Caring.” The Daruby School offers short term training for long term employment.


The DARUBY School was founded in 1994 by Ms. Ruby C. Harriman. It is based on principles that each student
can learn if they are given the “gift of caring” and good instruction. Excellence is expected from both staff and


The DARUBY School provides quality instruction and innovative programs that respond to the individual needs of the students, as well as to the current and emerging needs of the business and professional community.


The DARUBY School has maintained an 85 to 90percent placement in each of the training areas over more than 20 years.

The DARUBY School is a not-for-profit educational institution, has a Board of Directors, managed by the President. The school is staffed by faculty members with excellent professional credentials.  We have a philosophy that the development of the whole person is of equal importance to skill attainment. We expect excellence from both staff and students and provide a mutually respected, nurturing atmosphere for the entire family.

 We will strive to:


  • Promote professionalism and excellence in all courses of study for all students which will afford them the opportunity attain optimum skill levels and become successfully employed.


  • Use Advisory committees from the business community to ensure curriculum relevance, instructor effectiveness, and participation from potential employers.


  • Provide a learning environment conducive to the development of graduates who are self-confident and skilled in their area of training.


  • Maintain standards of excellence among staff and students in attendance, work performance, appearance, and sense of responsibility.


  • Encourage a continuing partnership with the business community by meeting its present and anticipated needs for trained personnel and to further assist industry by upgrading and enriching the business-related skills of valued employees through released-time programs and workshops.